FIFA 15 MOTM Card Guide

  • It's time EA Sports has just announced a new set of Man of the Match cards at the beginning of 2015 and are amongst Ultimate Team's rarest pulls.

    These treats are the perfect way to differentiate your side from thousands of predictable lineups. As you'll see, many are crammed with generous statistical increases that can make a real difference on the pitch.


    What is a Man of the Match card and how can we identify them?
    Man of the Match picks are extremely easy to spot. All you need to do is look for bright orange cards amongst the usual array of bronze, silver, gold, black and blue. Similar to in-form variations, players are the only cards to receive a Man of the Match upgrade. Despite winning the Capital One Cup, don't expect to see managers such as Michael Laudrup rocking improved stats anytime soon.


    How are Man of the Match players chosen?
    EA has always had trouble taking cup performances into account when outlining the Team of the Week. Varying fixture dates—many of which appear midweek—makes it difficult for the publisher to include outstanding individuals into the weekly in-form roundup.


    Man of the Match cards provide an instant remedy to this problem. EA now has the ability to reward stunning cup and tournament performances with a one-off immediate release that will only be available in packs for a couple of hours.


    When are Man of the Match cards released?
    Unlike Wednesday's weekly in-form releases, it's a little more difficult to track exactly when Man of the Match cards can be expected. One thing is for certain: if a players puts in a game-defining cup performance, you should keep your eye out for a Man of the Match promotion.


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    How long are Man of the Match cards available for?
    Perhaps the key difference between Man of the Match and in-form cards is the availability of each. Both offer an upgraded version of a pre-existing player and are only in packs for a limited amount of time.


    Although the in-form Team of the Week is available for seven days, Man of the Match cards will be in packs for a couple of hours maximum. Man of the Match promotions usually coincide with a territorial Happy Hour that offers consumers a quick opportunity at buying more expensive packs. These are usually premium and player-only purchases that offers a larger amount of items for your money.

    All orange African Cup of Nations cards were re-released in a Team of the Tournament capacity once the championship had ended. I wouldn't expect this to happen for anything other than month long football festivals.


    Is there a price difference between Man of the Match and normal cards?
    Absolutely. Improved attributes and rarity ensures Man of the Match players sell for a lofty price. These cards will be hugely expensive shortly after they release—but after a short period of time—the cost will settle.


    It's best to buy when the auction price has zoned in on a defined cost.

    Keep your attention on will be a great way of staying in the know of Man of the Match news!

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