Reasons for playing FIFA 15 regardless the price range

  • FIFA 15 brings football to our life in outstanding visual stocking fans’ eyes. Fans can experience the emotion and intensity of the sport like never before.FIFA 15 available on Xbox One, PS, PC, IOS and Andriod. Please note that not all features are available on all platforms.


    1. Innovations in fifa ultimate team
    Fifa 15 ultimate team has been innovated. Concept squads, Loan Players and Friendly seasons are just some of the fresh features coming to FIFA’s most popular game mode.


    2. See every step with the living pitch
    In FIFA 15, boots will leave their mark as playing surfaces wear down over time. Moving flags, shaking goal frames and animated LEDs elevate the stadium experience.


    3. Career mode
    Fifa 15 has career mode, you can see player development, an player could be easy search and other changes make career mode an even excite experience.


    4. More players can be choose
    Almost 20 Premier League Stadiums has been set in-game, more than 200 players can be choose, the most popular football leagues in the world appear in FIFA 15 vividly .

    5. Player visuals
    Over 200 new player facial scans have been added making FIFA 15 the most visually authentic sporting experience available.

    6. Player emotion and intensity
    With 500 new emotional reactions, players react to every action on the pitch as they would in the real world. You could experience Fifa 15 just like you are the player in game


    7. Awesome sound
    The sound in Fifa 15 is awesome! The soundtrack to your FIFA moments is as fresh as ever, featuring artists like Kasabian, Foster The People and Rudimental.


    8. Rewritten goalkeepers
    Fifa 15 has been rewritten goalkeepers completely. Smarter keepers, better reactions and more ways to get score.

    9. Be immersed in every game
    Experience Dynamic Match Presentation with unique crowds, chants that adapt as the action unfolds, and commentary that reflects action both on and off the pitch. You will immersed in every game!


    10. Play the way you want
    You could set formations, team roles and expanded tactics to let you go even deeper with your squad in Fifa 15. You can play the game on the way you like.

    11. Smart team tactics
    There are more smart team tactics in Fifa 15. AI opponents now adjust their tactics and playing style depending on what’s happening in the match.


    12.Fifa is better with friends
    Fifa 15 is popular to all over the world people. You could share with your friend and family!

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