BTS Video – Easter Eggs-periments


    We meet up with Mod Tim and Mod Ollo to see what's going on in Easter Eggs-periments – the traditional Easter miniquest, coming next week!


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    The RuneScape Video Team


    Dev Blog – Update Size vs Frequency


    If you haven't already, check out Mod Pips's dev blog on update size vs frequency. We're interested to know if you like the way we update the game currently, or if you'd prefer that we offered larger, but less frequent core game updates, with more patches and ninja updates.


    This is all speculative for the time being, and what we really need is your feedback. Head over to the forums now and have your say!


    We'll be running an opinion survey from the 31st of March, too, so watch the polls page for that next week.


    You may also wish to read the Guardians' dev blog on our plans for Invention, if you missed it last week.


    Podcast - Dimension of Disaster


    Listen to our latest podcast now on YouTube - all about Dimension of Disaster, featuring Mod Stu and Mod Rowley.


    If you prefer, head over to PodBean or iTunes and find our podcasts there.


    Questival Competition


    The Community Team are running a competition to see who can earn the most quest points over this weekend. The winner will become the proud bearer of the Questival King/Queen title!

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