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@dutty, ponta ar da orice. Dar de minore- prostitutie PSD-PNL nu ne spui nimic?

  • Daca Poanta da orice, ai http cu Pomta si minore? Tu stii engleza, nu? Stirea circula in toata Europa: "The case 'sex with models' tends to become a huge scandal after Florin Ghiulbenghian, a mason known in the high circles of politics, told that three years ago he found out that PSD leader Victor Ponta was among those who used the services of the prostitution network run by Ion Tamarjan and Relu Costan. Ghiulbenghian says the girls Ponta had sex with were underage and this happened after he married Dacian Sarbu. Moreover, Ghiulbenghian says the Romanian Intelligence Agency knows about the PSD leader's adventures. Two weeks ago, Ponta said the scandal is only filth trying to discredit PSD."

    la Stire: Ponta: Boc si PD-L dispusi sa dea orice pentru a mai rezista la guvernare
    Primul ministru Emil Boc si PD-L sunt dispusi sa dea orice, sacrificand interesul societatii, interesul national si bunastarea romanilor, pentru a mai rezista la guvernare, a declarat, miercuri, presedintele PSD, Victor Ponta, referindu-se la protocolul s...
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