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  • Welcome to the world’s largest family. The Chinese fathers name is Ziona Chan and he has 39 wives, 94 children, and 33 grandchildren. Altogether there are 181 members of this family. The family lives in a four story, 100-room house that is located in the hills of the Baktwang village where Chan’s wives sleep in large communal dormitories.

    la Stire: Cea mai mare familie din lume - 39 de sotii si 94 de copii
    Un indian din satul Baktwant este capul celei mai numeroase familii din lume, alcatuita din 181 de membri. Ziona Chana, indianul de 67 de ani, are 39 de neveste, 94 de copii si 33 de nepoti, relateaza Daily Mail. Indianul este seful propriei secte, ...
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