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  • Article 92 Suspension of payments 1. All or part of the interim payments at the level of priority axes or programmes may be suspended by the Commission where: (a) there is a serious deficiency in the management and control system of the programme which affects the reliability of the procedure for certification of payments and for which corrective measures have not been taken; or (b) expenditure in a certified statement of expenditure is linked to a serious irregularity which has not been corrected; or (c) there is a serious breach by a Member State of its obligations under Article 70(1) and (2). 2. The Commission may decide to suspend all or part of interim payments after having given the Member State the opportunity to present its observations within a period of two months. 3. The Commission shall end suspension of all or part of interim payments where the Member State has taken the necessary measures to enable the suspension to be lifted. Where the required measures are not taken by the Member State, the Commission may adopt the decision to cancel all or part of the Community contribution to

    la Stire: Leonard Orban: In afara de POSDRU, nu exista riscul suspendarii altor programe
    Ministrul Afacerilor Europene, Leonard Orban, a declarat marti, la Bruxelles, ca, in afara de POSDRU, nu exista riscul suspendarii altor programe si ca nu stie de unde a aparut aceasta informatie. Intrebat daca mai exista riscul suspendarii pe alte pro...
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